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Seongeup Folk Village

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Image source: Koreatourismorganization

Open hours: All year around
Contact info: 064-787-1179 , 064-760-2664
Adress: Seongeup-ri, Pyoseon-myeon, Seogwipo, Jeju-do
Admission Fee: Free
Language available: English, Japanese, Chinese
Parking facilities: Avaliable

*Pets are allowed in Seongeup Folk Village (collar and pet waste bags required).

How to go to Seongeup Folk Village:

You can take the intercity bus from the intercity bus terminal and get off at Seongeup-ri (성읍리). After you walk about 200m, you will reach here. The bus ride takes about 1hr and 40min, so don't really recommend it. However, the distance is shorter when you ride the Dongilju bus, which takes about 45 minutes (the place where you take off is the same).

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Seongeup Folk Village is a great place to not only learn about the Jeju culture, but also Korean culture in general. Unlike most of the folk villages, people live in Seongeup Folk Village, which makes here more special. When you look around, you will see houses with roofs made by straws and dol hareubangs standing. You can also eat the Jeju-traditional food, "Bingtteok" when you visit one of the houses. This place is full of culture. Renting a straw-roofed house is also available, which costs about 40,000 to 80,000.

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